Awesome Lego (and Duplo) activities for kids

LegoThanks to my my son’s recent Lego project for school, I now possess an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the nearly 58 year old small plastic bricks. Of which every person on Earth owns an average 86. And you’d need 40 billion to build a column to the moon. And with just six eight-stud bricks, you could make more than 915 million different combinations… assuming you had a fair bit of time on your hands.

So this week, I’m putting our homework to good use and sharing some awesome Duplo and Lego activities for kids. You might make a Lego balloon car, practise patterns and counting with Duplo, spell with Lego letters or try some Legoscience with minifigure ice excavations.

I’ve also added some of my favourite Lego storage ideas at the bottom of the email, for fellow sufferers of painful brick-under-foot syndrome.

Duplo Counting Towers - All Our Days

Duplo Counting Towers
You’ll need: Duplo, free printables.
All Our Days




Spelling with Lego LettersSpelling with Lego Letters - This Reading Mama
You’ll need: Duplo or Lego, permanent marker (or labels).
This Reading Mama




Lego Balloon CarLego Balloon Car - Frugal Fun for Boys
You’ll need: Lego, a balloon.
Frugal Fun for Boys




Pattern Making with LegoPattern Making With Lego - Learn With Play At Home
You’ll need: polystyrene or plastic cups, string, sharp pencil.
Learn With Play At Home




Lego Ice ExcavationLego Ice Excavation - Lemon Lime Adventures
You’ll need: Lego minifigure, ice cube tray, water, freezer.
Lemon Lime Adventures




Portable Lego KitPortable Lego Kit - Mama Papa Bubba
You’ll need: metal lunchbox, a large Lego building plate, scissors, sandpaper, mounting squares (or glue gun), thick felt, glue gun, basic Lego bricks.
Mama Papa Bubba



Portable Lego Shapes
Lego Shapes - Fun At Home With Kids
You’ll need: Lego, free printables, plastic box.
Fun At Home With Kids




If you suffer from painful brick-under-foot syndrome, or fear the dreaded rattle of minifigures up the hoover, here are a few of my favourite Lego storage ideas{This list includes affiliate links. If you buy any products using these links, a small amount of money goes towards helping run Ideas for Little People. Thanks for your support.}

Ikea Hack Lego Table Lego Hack Ikea Table - Frugal Fun for Boys
You’ll need: trofast shelves, Lego base plates, metal brackets (if joining two trofast shelves), glue or tape for attaching the base plates.
Frugal Fun for Boys.



Easy Tidy and Play Storage MatEasy Tidy and Play Storage Mat
by IPUK. £13 on Amazon.

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